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Nan Tien Temple Pilgrim Lodge Logo and Images

Nan Tien Temple Pilgrim Lodge

180 Berkeley Road, Berkeley NSW 2506

The Pilgrim Lodge is part of the biggest Buddhist temple in the southern hemisphere. The lodge features 100 accommodation rooms presented within a luxurious retreat and also plays an important cultural centre bridging together many different cultures. The Pilgrim Lodge is enhanced by the Bell and Drum ceremony at the Main Shrine, incense offering at the front shrine and Pagoda, and the display in our Museum. In addition to all these amazing features The Pilgrim Lodge accommodates for our popular retreats such as the introduction to Nan Tien Temple, Weekend Meditation Retreat for Beginners, and Tai-Chi with meditation.

The Berkeley Hotel

7 Devon Street, Berkeley NSW 2506
Berkeley Hotel Logo and Images

Berkeley Hotel

7 Devon, Berkeley NSW 2506
The Berkeley Hotel, located at 7 Devon Street, is a local traditional Australian Pub in the Wollongong area of New South Wales. It offers a great atmosphere, new modern decor, new accommodation facilities, friendly service and entertainment. The rooms are hotel/ motel style and the rates are very affordable.


Berkeley, Berkeley NSW 2506
Berkeley is a suburb south of Wollongong that is mostly residential. Situated on the shore of Lake Illawarra, Berkeley is home to the Wollongong City Memorial Gardens and Crematorium and Nan Tien Buddhist Temple - the largest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. Wollongong was chosen as the site for the Temple because of its proximity to Mount Keira and Mount Kembla. The translation of Nan Tien is 'Paradise of the Southern Hemisphere'....