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660 Comerong Island Road, Numbaa NSW 2540
Merribee is an historic 1850s architecturally restored coastal cottage with landscaped ornamental gardens; situated at Numbaa, east of Nowra and south of Berry on the NSW South Coast. Suited to families, or gatherings of friends; featuring three acres of ornamental gardens, including over 120 roses; kitchen garden; herb and physic garden, topiary and tropical gardens and a tennis court to enjoy games amongst family and friends. It has become a popular venue for country weddings and special events, and can personalise events for small parties of eight to 20 guests, right up to larger functions of over 200 guests....


Jindy Andy Lane, Numbaa NSW 2540
Numbaa is situated on Comerong Island Road, a few kilometres southeast of Nowra. There is no township; farmland comprises most of the land. A local attraction is Comerong Island, a nature reserve with a winding dirt road leading to the southern end of Seven Mile Beach. Its two picnic areas provide access to the beach and estuary areas. Access to the island is by a car ferry, which runs daily....